Dhamma School


To provide a conducive and accessible learning environment which supports the significance of cultural heritage in the minds of our young people and promotes a positive and well-balanced approach towards living in a multicultural society.


Bodhi Dhamma Vihara Sinhala Language School believes in:
  Providing an innovative curriculum to facilitate effective learning of the Sinhala language which has been VCE approved as a second language subject.
  Preparing student’s competency and optimising opportunities for strong VCE results.
  Ensuring the highest standards of delivery from our teachers and programs.
  Creating theoretically sound and effective teaching materials and assessment tools.

Bodhi Dhamma Vihara Sinhala School

We believe that language is more than ‘just language’ – it is a cultural transmitter.
Language and communication are essential for close relationships between generations, and for mutual understanding and social interaction. It is our aim to instil knowledge, and encourage passion, in our students for the Sinhala language and our culture and traditions.

How we began…

Bodhi Dhamma Vihara Sinhala Language School was established on 1 February 2019 and commenced with only nineteen students and four teachers who had recently migrated to Australia from Sri Lanka. The School was established with the intention of overcoming the compelling challenge of producing a generation of children who can embrace their heritage, cultural values, language, and traditions while integrating into an Australian society which is multicultural and predominantly English speaking. Since those early days we have progressed considerably and now we

  Conduct classes from Prep to Grade 9.
  Teach Sinhala language utilising all four skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
  Successfully promote cultural and historical awareness of our motherland.
  Inspire moral values through Buddhist philosophy and practice.

What we do to achieve our goals...

  • Methods and Techniques
    • One–on-one intensive reading program from Grade 2 onward
    • ‘Special class’ for students with difficulties in learning the language/mature students.
    • Use of modern technology to promote interest and interaction in the class.
  • Month-end assembly and Annual Variety Concert
    • Provides opportunities for students to enhance cultural awareness and enrich performing skills of singing, dancing, acting and public speaking.
  • Staff
    • Engage dedicated and skilled teachers who attend training programmes continuously to upskill their teaching techniques.
  • Materials
    • Sourcing quality innovative materials and resources that promotes group learning.
  • Sinhala New Year celebration
    • Opportunities for students to learn about the Sinhala New Year festival, celebrate and engage in cultural dances and traditional ‘Raban’ performance.
  • Wesak Sil program for the children and Bhakthi geetha session
    • Create awareness of Wesak,
    • Absorb values of discipline, calmness, and peace
    • Learn to appraise the triple gem via singing Bhakthi geetha
  • We are a language school committed to our student’s success. With our dedicated teachers, an engaging curriculum and programs, the contagious excitement of our students – there is no better place to start your child’s Sinhala language learning journey.
    For further details please contact Mr.Deeptha Wickrema - 0430712788.

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